Odessa one of the largest seaports of Ukraine

Odessa is a city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, is the administrative center of the Odessa area and the historic center of New Russia, the largest port in Ukraine, a major industrial, cultural, scientific, and resort center, site roads and railways. A Hero-City. By the number of inhabitants (1 000 779 people on February 1, 2007) Odessa is the fourth largest city in the country.


The city is situated on the banks of the Odessa Bay of the Black Sea. Most of the city, including the historic center, is situated on a plain overlooking the sea from about 50 m. The area is 163 km2, population density 6139 people / km . Sources of drinking water in the city now are the well complexes, the main water supply in Odessa and the surrounding area is from the Dniester River. The water supply through water intake is 40 km away near Belyayevka. Near the city there are three major estuaries: Kuyal'nitska, Hadzibeevsky and Sukhaya.


Moderately continental and comparatively dry. The number of sunny days per year exceeds 290. The average annual temperature is around +10C, average annual rainfall is about 350 mm. Winters are short and mild with average temperatures around 0C, snow and temperatures below 10C are rare, summers are long and warm with average temperatures of 25C, frequent are temperatures above 35C.

Odessa sea port - a major trading port of international importance, situated on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, in south-western part of the Odessa Bay. It has one of Europe's largest passenger terminals. It is recognized as the base cruise port in Ukraine. A third of freight traffic on the Black Sea comes through Odessa.

Construction of the port began in 1794. By 1905, the port mainly acquired its current shape. In the Russian Empire it had the second cargo volume, after St. Petersburg. The highest turnover in the independent Ukraine was in 2003 --when 12.4 million tons of dry cargo and 21.1 tanker tons were worked through. Odessa includes the Coastal, Quarantine, Practical (aka Watermelon), Coal (aka War), New, Oil, and other harbors.

Odessa is the largest seaport of Ukraine, transporting grain, sugar, coal, petroleum, cement, metals, jute, wood products engineering industries. Today Odessa seaport plays a great role in economy Ukraine. In the past Odessa port was a Naval Base and a harbour for the fishing fleet. It is now a major railway center. Major industries are oil processing, machine building, metalworking, light industry, food, timber, agricultural and chemical industry.

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