Teschin Bridge
One of the longest bridges of the city and one of the most popular attractions is Teschin bridge. In recent years it has become a bridge of love in Odessa. There are a lot of locks, hunged by lovers. From time to time the authorities removed some of these locks, as they weighed several tons.

Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral
The largest church in Odessa, and one of its most interesting sights is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. It was founded in 1794, subsequently expanded considerably. But in the 30's of last century it was destroyed by the bolshevikys. The Cathedral was restored in 2001. At all times of its existence, the cathedral was accurate reflection of the city.

Opposite the city garden of Odessa there is "Passage." This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, built in Baroque style in 1886. Inside the building there is a courtyard with shops. The exterior and interior has numerous sculptures. In the same building, visitors can settle in a hotel "Passage."

Utyosov Monument
One of the most beautiful and famous monuments of Odessa is a monument to Utyosov, sitting on the bench . Anyone can sit down with the famous singer on the same bench and to make photographies. You can even order a song of master by stylized phone located next to the monument. Utyosov monument is located on the street Deribasovskoy.

Monument Deribas
Monument to the founder of Odessa de Ribas stands at the beginning of the street Deribasovskaya. It was erected a few years ago. Deribas takes a city map and a shovel, symbolizing the construction of Odessa. Witty Odessa citizens call the memorial "a monument of treasure hunters", because it looks so much like a picture of the famous film "Treasure Island".

You can visit not only Odessa, but underneath, a network of Odessa catacombs. Previously, there were the quarry from which building material quarried for the construction of Odessa - rakushnyak. It is believed that the total length of the Odessa catacombs is more than two thousand kilometers. Numerous excursions and, perhaps, is one of the most fascinating journey are organized here. It is one of the most fascination place in which you can get in this unique city.

Primorskiy boulevard
A popular place for walks in Odessa is Deribasovskaya street and famous Primorsky Boulevard. It contains a large amount of Odessa attractions, among them are the monument to Duc de Richelieu, a monument to Pushkin, the Potemkin Stairs. Primorsky Boulevard was built in 19 century, the former name was Nicholas Blvd. Near Potemkin stairs today is reinstated a cable car. In a dark time of day in beautiful Odessa it is difficult to find more beautiful place then Primorskiy boulevard.

One of the main and most famous sights of Odessa, to see which is committed to every guest of the city, is a monument to Duc de Richelieu, whose image is placed in a huge number of typographical products, which always appears in almost every film about Odessa. It is situated on Primorskiy boulevard, just above the Potemkin Stairs, facing the sea. Duke greets guests of the city.

Potemkin Stairs
The famous Potemkin stairs connects the port of Odessa with the city center. The Stairs got it's name after the film "Battleship Potemkin" - a true masterpiece of world cinema. Several years ago, Potemkin Stairs was ranked among the most beautiful stairs on the European continent.

Opera house
The most beautiful building in Europe, the famous Odessa Opera and Ballet is one of the main attractions of the city. In 2010 marks 200 years since the first representation in the centenarians among cultural institutions! In 2007 the last restoration of the building was completed and today it is awaiting new guests and residents. You will visit the place, which is shown on almost all the tourist postcards and posters

Deribasovskaya Street
The central and most famous street of Odessa is, of course Deribasovskaya Street. you can not ride on cars on the street, roadway which is lined with blocks. Therefore, all the people from Odessa and guests can enjoy a stroll along the Deribasovskaya without any restrictions and enjoy your stay in the historical center of Odessa, with many world famous attractions.

Monument to Catherine
In appreciation in 1900 Odessa locals erected a monument to those who stood at the origins of Odessa birth: Joseph de Ribas, Franz de Volanen, Grigory Potemkin and Platon Zubov and, of course, Catherine the Great - the Russian empress, which founded the Odessa. History of Odessa begins with the words "It commands to be the port and the city", said that the great Empress back in 1794.