Captain Morgan
Small disco-bar "Captain Morgan" is a part of Odessa nightlife, has got a great popularity among glamorous Odessa public. It is located in the center of Odessa and is perfect for pre-party and after-party. The club is working around the clock throughout the year. But much more popular "Captain Morgan" is in the winter season. However, in summer it is also visited by a large number of people. On Thursdays, the club held a retro-parties. On Friday all the girls can join the club for free. In the other days the club offers 50%-governmental discounts for different types of food and drinks.

Night Club "Palladium" is one of the most popular in Odessa. There is a large and small halls. In a small hall you can often hear the hits of the 80's. In the big hall you can hear modern club music. On Thursdays, a night club "Palladium" offers a party with an erotic program. The entry for girls on Thursdays is free. In the same building there is a popular hotel "Palladium". This building is located in a few steps from Odessa train station and just in a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Night club "Vis-A-Vis" is located in the heart of Odessa. This place is considered one of the most prestigious locations of Odessa in the winter season. In the summer the club is also open, but during the summer most visitors prefer other places for rest. The club has very convenient location. It is at the corner of Ekaterininskaya and Deribasovskaya streets. On the second floor of the club there is the Irish pub. There is a good dance floor, lots of tables indoors and a terrace with tables too.

The second most popular summer night club in Odessa is "Itaka" It is located close to the club of Ibiza, in the picturesque Odessa Arcadia. At a time when near the "Ibiza" stand crowds of people at the entrance, "Ithaca" is ready to invite everyone who wants to rest practically without delay. The prices in "Ithaca" are much more democratic than in Ibiza, the most popular Odessa night club

The most popular summer night club in Odessa, which is located in the Arcadia is Club "Ibiza". Here you can always get a hefty portion of good mood, celebratory atmosphere, the feeling of relaxed holiday. It should be noted, however, that the wildly popularity of Ibiza nightclub leds to the appearance of its substantial (but perhaps the only) drawbacks - large queues at the entrance.