Meet and date ladies from Odessa

Sit at a table of a summer cafe, order something refreshing and just keep your eyes open, if you haven’t yet noticed that Odessa is an open-air museum, and Odessa women are the most valuable ‘showpieces’. They will be walking to and fro in front of you, and you’ll be sipping your cocktail and eating them with your eyes feeling an aesthetical pleasure. It’s one of a thousand of variants of a cultural rest in Odessa. And don’t try to undress them with your eyes. However, as a rule, girls are already undressed. It’s summer in Odessa…

A relaxedness that is characteristic of Mediterranean regions on the verge of impudence is peculiar of Odessa beauties, a refined sense of humor and even a Swedish-Nordic sureness in their beauty and glamour. However, the sureness is quite deserved. To your mind, is it easy to flutter on a stone-block pavement on high heels risking to fall down all the time? And you can’t fall down. The main thing here is to save face while not leaving fitness clubs and solariums (even in summer). Showing an example of how one should dress to all Ukraine including the capital, Kiev. Yes, Odessa ladies are keen on beauty and fashion. Just look at these girls photos and you’ll understand everything yourself.

Courage leads to great achievements, and beauty as well as intellect helps to win all the rest. That is how a popular Ukrainian proverb sounds. And if one can neutralize intellect with alcohol and compliments, beauty of Odessa women is much stronger. Night clubs of Odessa feel short of breath. In Arcadia a density of beauty for a square meter of a dancefloor exceeds all possible limits. A sea breeze, mixing up with its smell teases and unsettles. Even the most right-minded family guy feels an instinct of a hunter.

P.S. A star of Madrid ‘Real’ Cristiano Ronaldo after he parted with a Russian Irian Shake focused his attention on a Ukrainian girl. According to foreign mass media, a new romantic interest of a 29-year-old Portuguese guy became a Ukrainian model Yara Khmidan. And though now she lives in New York, her career growth of a model is doing rapidly in the USA. She originates from Odessa. Here lives her mother whom she periodically visits.